Lauren Elyse Photography – We have to beat the tooth fairy!

Penrith Family Photographer – Lauren Elyse Photography

There was a request on a Penrith Mum’s group on Facebook from a local mum who wanted family photographs before her little girl required surgery to remove her front tooth.

Now this post not only caught my attention but the attention of so many friends, past clients and network connections! I was blown away how many people in Penrith recommended my family photography services!

At Lauren Elyse Photography I love being a Penrith family photographer, family is so important to me and I understand how important it is to capture a moment before it passes, after all you will never live the same day twice, so get those family photos done! exist in your photos for your kids, grand children and great grand children when they come along one day in the distant future!

So back to the story Jo booked her family session with me and in between two locations we caught some pretty sweet photos! Penrith has some beautiful locations especially the yellow flower fields Jo spotted on her morning run!

We managed to beat the tooth fairy and and this gorgeous family now have beautiful photos before little miss lost her tooth and the part that makes me smile the most, my husband went to do my delivery for me and Jo told him little miss gave her money from the tooth fairy to her big brother! how sweeter then sweet is she!

If your looking for a Penrith photographer then look no further! Contact me today!


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