They still do 8 years on

They still do 8 years on

They still do 8 years on and let me tell you a little story of why Amber and Lionel renewed their wedding vowels.

 I photographed Amber nearly two years ago where she told her story.

At 150kg she was told she would not live to see her 30th Birthday.

Amber tried everything and finally her beautiful husband decided enough was enough he wanted his wife around and after battle’s you would not beleive he accessed his super and had life changing surgery.

Amber had to totally transform her life, she changed her eating and lifstyle habits , she never gave up  this amazing woman has lost 110kg.

Amber gained her life back, she is now able enjoy her family and be present in the moments around her.

Amber decided when she turned 30 she would renew her vowels to her husdand and celebrate her life with her family and friends. With a hand full of people she planned this magical day.

in the lead up Amber’s Dad became very unwell and has been in ICU and it became apparent he would not be able to walk her down the isle.

This broke my dear friends heart, she had so many thoughts run through her mind and didnt know how to move forward.

She did exactly what her Dad would want and went ahead with this beautiful occasion even though it broker her heart into peices.

With the love around them Amber and Lionel celebrated a huge milestone and surprised their guests with a vowel renewal.

I am honured Amber chose me to capture such a monumental moment in her and her families life, shes my hero and I am so proud to call her a friend.

The ceremony and party were held at the beautful Lake side Restaurant

Congratulations beautiful people on become Re husband and wife.

Lauren xx

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