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Helena and Scott Married in Picton Botanical Gardens  – Sydney Elopement photographer

As a Sydney Elopement photographer here at Lauren Elyse Photography I get told many secrets! it gives me butterfly’s that clients trust me with secrets about the biggest moments in their lives! from Wedding dresses to elopement special plans…. I get to know it all!

Helena and Scott asked me a fair while ago to photograph their wedding day and if you didn’t already know, I have known Helena for 10 years!

It’s always so touching when a friend asks you to photograph a special moment for them, to be able to document the biggest day in ones life is a dream come true, but to keep it secret now that not only is hard work its also fun! to know that something amazing is going to happen.

I watched Helena and Scott fall in love, mostly via good old facebook but I just knew in my heart every time I saw a post or saw Helena in person, that Scott was her soul mate, absolutely the perfect match for her!

It was simply beautiful to watch her whole world become complete and see the light in her eyes. I never would have thought 10 years ago that I would have been a photographer let alone photographing a very dear friends wedding day!

Elopements are very popular with couples, the meaning of the wedding is the soul focus, it’s intimate, beautiful and memorable. I love being part of elopements, not just on the day but the leading up and planning part is most fun as I get to hear about the plans, give input and then capture it all on the day! What a perfect job do I have!

Lauren Elyse Photography is so touched and humbled to know Helena and Scott but also to be their chosen photographer on their wedding day, their love is so deep its infectious! their love is felt by all of the family and friends and I wish them every happiness and I hope that their life journey is filled with dreams come true.

Helena and Scott thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful photographs, you are both beautiful and I cannot thank you enough

I present Helena and Scott!






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