Helena and Scott Married in Picton Botanical Gardens  – Sydney Elopement photographer

As a Sydney Elopement photographer here at Lauren Elyse Photography I get told many secrets! it gives me butterfly’s that clients trust me with secrets about the biggest moments in their lives! from Wedding dresses to elopement special plans…. I get to know it all!

Helena and Scott asked me a fair while ago to photograph their wedding day and if you didn’t already know, I have known Helena for 10 years!

It’s always so touching when a friend asks you to photograph a special moment for them, to be able to document the biggest day in ones life is a dream come true, but to keep it secret now that not only is hard work its also fun! to know that something amazing is going to happen.

I watched Helena and Scott fall in love, mostly via good old facebook but I just knew in my heart every time I saw a post or saw Helena in person, that Scott was her soul mate, absolutely the perfect match for her!

It was simply beautiful to watch her whole world become complete and see the light in her eyes. I never would have thought 10 years ago that I would have been a photographer let alone photographing a very dear friends wedding day!

Elopements are very popular with couples, the meaning of the wedding is the soul focus, it’s intimate, beautiful and memorable. I love being part of elopements, not just on the day but the leading up and planning part is most fun as I get to hear about the plans, give input and then capture it all on the day! What a perfect job do I have!

Lauren Elyse Photography is so touched and humbled to know Helena and Scott but also to be their chosen photographer on their wedding day, their love is so deep its infectious! their love is felt by all of the family and friends and I wish them every happiness and I hope that their life journey is filled with dreams come true.

Helena and Scott thank you for allowing me to capture these beautiful photographs, you are both beautiful and I cannot thank you enough

I present Helena and Scott!






Penrith Family Photographer – Lauren Elyse Photography

There was a request on a Penrith Mum’s group on Facebook from a local mum who wanted family photographs before her little girl required surgery to remove her front tooth.

Now this post not only caught my attention but the attention of so many friends, past clients and network connections! I was blown away how many people in Penrith recommended my family photography services!

At Lauren Elyse Photography I love being a Penrith family photographer, family is so important to me and I understand how important it is to capture a moment before it passes, after all you will never live the same day twice, so get those family photos done! exist in your photos for your kids, grand children and great grand children when they come along one day in the distant future!

So back to the story Jo booked her family session with me and in between two locations we caught some pretty sweet photos! Penrith has some beautiful locations especially the yellow flower fields Jo spotted on her morning run!

We managed to beat the tooth fairy and and this gorgeous family now have beautiful photos before little miss lost her tooth and the part that makes me smile the most, my husband went to do my delivery for me and Jo told him little miss gave her money from the tooth fairy to her big brother! how sweeter then sweet is she!

If your looking for a Penrith photographer then look no further! Contact me today! http://laurenelysephotography.com.au/contact/


Penrith Family and Newborn Photographer – Lauren Elyse Photography

Cuteness overload! what a sweet little family Lauren Elyse Photography had the pleasure of meeting today!

It was a mix of Jackson’s newborn photographs for his hand and foot casting and some lovely family shots outdoors! What a perfect session!

I just adore working with families and children! I love watching little bubba’s like Jackson sleep, yawn and smile and playing fun games with the entire family! I also love how children naturally show their affection, its the most beautiful thing.

Family portraits are so important, and I am so blessed this little family allowed me to capture their family session today! Thank you Olivia and Daniel for making my afternoon perfect!

I can remember my early labour pretty well. Everything started of slowly and just a little uncomfortable. About 19 hours in, my contractions had officially gone from uncomfortable to mildly painful to almost unbearable. The next 21 hours were a mix of trying to deal with the increasingly more painful contractions and trying to distract myself to try and make the time pass faster.

After I went into active labour and went to the birth unit, time and events became much more blurry. The following hours are a blur of pain, tears and vague memories. I can remember crying over and over “I can’t do this”. I didn’t think I could keep going. Every contraction was agony. I refused all pain management except for gas until I was convinced to try morphine, which only made me too sleepy to use the gas. I fought getting an epidural for almost the whole time I was there. I finally agreed after I had gone into Stage 2 labour and they realised there was a good chance I would have to have a c-section. I was devastated at the thought and just wanted someone to tell me what to do. I was scared of the epidural, I didn’t want a c-section. All I wanted was to get through each contraction and for it all to be over. It had been around 50 hours of labour at this stage and I had only had around 2½ hours of sleep in that time. I was exhausted and didn’t want any of these complications. I didn’t want to accept them.

I begged our amazing midwife to just tell me what to do but, of course, she couldn’t. Joel was telling me to do it, probably for different reasons than why I ending up agreeing. I agreed because I was too scared to have an emergency c-section and not be awake. Joel wanted me to because he couldn’t see me in agony any more. Not long after I got my epidural, I had to start pushing. We were having little progress but I begged for a chance to push her out, as long as she was safe, just please let me try. After over an hour and a half of pushing, we got her head down far enough to use a vacuum to help but even with the vacuum, our baby girl was stuck and I had to have an emergency c-section. I was absolutely devastated and was begging them to let me keep trying, promising them I could do it the entire way they pushed me to theatre but I knew that they wouldn’t be taking me there if there was any other choice.

That room scared me more than anything. Joel had to wait outside while they got me ready, making it all scarier. I don’t think I cried more in my entire life combined than I did while I was in that theatre.

Hearing Avery cry when they pulled her out of me at 11:58am, 54 hours after I woke up in labour, made any calm Joel had managed to bring me disappear. I could hear my baby and I just wanted her. They had to check her over before bringing her to me and found she had lots of fluids in her lungs so they had to suction it out and give her oxygen. I was hysterical, just wanting my baby. Joel went and saw her and brought me back photos.

After I don’t even know how long, she was finally brought over to me and I got to hold her. I fell instantly in love with this tiny person in my arms and everything I had just been through was instantly worth it. Nothing turned out how I thought it would be. It was long, exhausting, excruciating and I had to accept an epidural and have a c-section, the two things that were the last things in the world I wanted.

The one thing I am grateful for is Lauren being there. While she couldn’t be there for the actual birth due to the c-section, her presence in the birth unit was invaluable after she arrived at around 3am. Her role was so much more than just our photographer. I remember her supporting me when Joel needed to step away, holding my hand, giving me ice-chips, just being there. She offered Joel support by being someone he could speak to and get some moral support from. There’s so much I can’t remember but I can remember feeling safe and supported by Lauren and was just comforted in knowing that she was there. When we found out that Lauren couldn’t be there for the birth, she offered to come back and get some photos when we were ready, an offer I was immensely grateful for. Seeing the photos now, I realised how much of the experience I either lost or didn’t see. The worry on Joel’s face, how he held me, just how hard it was for him and why it was so hard. We have a way of blocking out just how traumatic the experience can be but our partners carry it with them long after our babies are born. I don’t think I would be truly able to appreciate what he went through and what he did for me without these photos. I will always be so grateful to Lauren for what she did for us in that room and what her photos have given me. I have watched this video multiple times and still can’t get through it without crying. Having Lauren there was the best decision we made to ensure we can look back on this day and actually remember what we went through




The greenery was enchanting, the blue sky was refreshing and the love in the air was spellbinding.

I knew this wedding was going to be nothing short of epic when I stepped out onto the deck at Loxley on Bellbird Hill in Kurrajong Heights, and hearing Jason yell out to me for a hug and spending the morning with the Beautiful Katie getting ready and listening to how excited she was to marry her true love, getting teary more often then not.

Katie and Jason’s love filled the air and captivated one and all, their ceremony was simply beautiful and moving, their location photos, well I of cause love them but they are crazy beautiful and full of fun and laughter, and the reception filled with games, laughter, beautiful speeches and the groovy moves of all of the family and friends!

Being invited as one’s Wedding Photographer is a always a privilege but being invited to be one’s wedding photographer and instantly welcomed into one’s life with open arms, where you can be yourself, laugh like you’ve never laughed before and just knowing these clients are meant for you is the most amazing feeling.

Please enjoy these photographs as much as I do!