Panorama House Bulli Brooke and Tony!

It is a magical story to tell.

It was a perfect calm overcast day.

Tony got ready at home with his family and his mate Kris.

we had such a blast laughing so hard and encourgaing them to drink their Jim Beam before lunch!

Brooke got ready in the beautiful beachside town of Thiroul. She had a wondeful morning with her daughters, bridesmaids and parents.

They all looked stunning and was breath taking to see the day unfold.

The ceremony location at Panorama house is perched on a cliff face wrapped in ocean views hence the pun in the name Panorama House!

The ceremony was beautifully officiated by Karen Brown, her words were perfection, he communication was amazing! it really makes our job so much easier when a celebrant communicates with us!!

The ceremony wrapped up and as we drove down to Sandon Point Bulli in the stunning Klassic Kombiz the sun put on a golden hour show! What a dream!

I took Brooke and Tony on a jounrey for their portraits. I helped them take it all in, I helped them connect and we captured some of the most stunning memories for them!

The serivce from Panorama House was outstanding, the food delisious. The speeches were beautiful and so heartfelt.

The dancing was the highlight of the night!

The reception was a wild party, everyone loved the fire works by elite Fireworks

A Country Wedding Binda {Maddie and Bas}

Maddie and Bas invited me to document their special day.

I took a Trip to a country town called Binda, it is just 50 minutes from Goulburn NSW.

Maddie and her bridesmaids got ready in a beautiful property on the top of a hill and Bas arrived late to the ceremony!

The ceremony was absolutely stunning, surrounded by country air, sunlight, kookaburra’s, family and friends. I felt to welcomed and relaxed.

After congratulations cuddles and a big group short we took a drive to another property for some portaits.

Upon returning to the gorgeous A country Wedding Binda Maddie and Bas entered their reception and enjoyed a gorgeous meal with their family and friends, I left them as the sun was setting and the celebrations were beginning.