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Welcome! My name is Lauren, I amĀ  a Penrith photographer specialising in Wedding, Newborn and Family Photography.

So this is the page where I tell you a little about me!

I am a woman in my early 30’s, I am a Mum and a wife and my own Boss! My family are my everything!

I wear my heart on my sleve, I am an empath. I definitely feel my feelings.

I am a meditating hippie who loves all that gobblygook!

I am always seeking out ways to find joy in this life and grow as an individual everyday.

I am obsessed with life and have found I am here to capture your most important memories and watching your journey throughout life not only gives you the gift of your memories forever but it also brings me such joy and a big ol warm heart.

I love to dance, if the dj drops a good beat at your wedding I am on the dance floor.

I express myself through my attire, I am not a typical black polo and slacks photographer.

I swear… I snort and I cackle….

I love connecting with humans, I need to know your story. Life is a precious experience and connecting with you is one of the ways I experience joy.

Why am I so focused on joy? joy is the key to everything, feeling joy is being in the moment, joy is a feeling I think we need to feel more of and when you get married and or have a baby/family, that joy when you are in the moment is what I want to see in my photographs…. feelings and emotions are what make humans tick!

Lets connect, see how this crazy, life loving, dancing hippie can help you.

I cant wait to have a chat, send me an email or find me on Facebook or instagram

Loz xx

Photo credit Reflections of you Photography

Lauren Elyse Photography

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